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  India - Do's & Don'ts

DO carry bills and change in small denominations

DO take your shoes off while entering someone's house or any place of worship

DO be prepared to answer a lot of personal questions and be stared at as Indians are generally curious people and it is not considered rude to ask what might be thought of as nosy questions

DON'T touch people's heads, point your feet at holy objects or honored people while sitting or use your left hand to give gifts, food and other such items

DON'T give alms to street beggars, no matter how hard it might be. Criminal mafias who profit from their misery enslave most beggars. If still you want to donate, a registered charity can be a good option

India - Useful Information

While visiting a country which is home to almost a billion people, countless languages, cultures, traditions and faiths, you may require a little extra care. Here is a select list of tips which will prepare you for your journey.

Drinking & Smoking : In large cities, high-end hotels and restaurants the attitude towards smoking and drinking is very similar to the West. However, in most of India, for example on a tour through Rajasthan, you will find different standards for men and women when it comes to these activities. In the more conservative areas of India, a woman indulging in these activities would attract negative attention.

Clothing : Visitors to the larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore will observe that Western clothing is acceptable and is worn by majority of young population. However, in many popular tourist destinations like Rajasthan modesty in dress is strongly encouraged. Women should cover their shoulders, easy to do with a large scarf. When it comes to trousers and skirts, the longer the better and ankle-length is always best. Shawl/scarf to cover the head in holy places, higher necklines and pants for men are all recommended items to pack.

Faith & Religion : India is a secular country with numerous faiths existing in harmony. Display of respect to every religion is highly recommended while visiting their holy shrines. Observing modest dress code and behavior such as removing shoes and covering the head in places of worship is advisable.

  India - Fast Facts

Official Name: Republic of India
Geography: Area: 3.29 million sq. km. (1.27 million sq. mi.)
Capital City: New Delhi
Language(s): Hindi, English
Demonym: Indian
Government: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Monetary Unit: The Indian Rupee (INR)
Time zone: IST (UTC+05:30)
Climate: : Alpine to temperate to subtropical monsoon
Drives on the: Left
Calling Code: 91
Best time to visit: October – April