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The extraordinary character of Kathmandu Valley usually dawns on you as you prepare to leave. Hugged by jumbled foothills, just about 6 roads seem to tortuously crawl out of the valley. These make the Central Hills a comparatively more accessible area than other parts of this hill country. Accessible it may be but still remains pretty offbeat. In the northeast, the Arniko Highway runs along Kathmandu-Lhasa trade route to the Tibet border and on the way it passes through misty valleys and passes. In the northwest, the Trisuli road makes its way downwards to a subtropical valley. Kathmandu is almost 1000 meters up this valley. If you move west and then towards the South, you will meet the Tribhuwan Rajpath, the first highway of Nepal. The highway leads to Terai and the terrain is typically rugged.

The Central Hills region is most popular for its hill destinations with Nagarkot and Dhulikhel being a couple of hot favorites. While Nagarkot is better known for its splendid views, Dhulikhel strikes a chord with its intriguing Newari...

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