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In many ways, the Eastern Terai is like a slice of India in Nepal. The way of life in this lush tropical region is remarkably similar to the Indian states of Bihar and West Bengal. North Indian dialects such as Bhojpuri and Maithili are in vogue and the Nepalese tongue often becomes the second or third language. While the area is populated and industrial, the twist is that the foothills are visible from most parts, gently reminding you that you are in the Himalayan country of Nepal. It’s not a very touristy kind of place, barring a few destinations and the border crossings of Birgunj and Kakarbitta. Travelers end up at these two locations to cross over to the Indian state of Patna from Birgunj and to the Indian hill station of Darjeeling from Kakarbhitta. For the ones exclusively touring the Eastern Terai, a couple of strongly recommended places are Janakpur and the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The former is a deeply revered Hindu pilgrimage site and the latter is a paradise for birdwatching.

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