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The Terai region of today is a far cry from what it used to be. The dense jungles have largely been cleared and the region has now turned into the most productive part of Nepal. Densely inhabited, it does not reflect unique Nepalese culture but is more of a cultural melting pot; complete with mosques and temples.

Still, many parts of the Western Terai offer glimpses into the untamed wilderness of the past. The wonderfully preserved national parks and reserves are home to some of the most spectacular plant and animal life across the subcontinent. Thick tracts of riverine jungles shelter panthers, Bengal tigers and other predators, while rhinos roam freely across the swampy grasslands. Herds of deer peacefully graze away or dart across the woodlands.

While thinking of the wildlife parks, Chitwan immediately comes to mind. It is the most popular and perhaps has the highest diversity of wildlife here. Being easily accessible, Chitwan’s popularity has grown all the more. If you would rather enjoy the solitude of the jungles,...

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