Dabbawallas of Mumbai

Deepak Juyal Noida These unassuming dabbawallas (tiffin men) deliver around 200,000 lunch boxes to people across Mumbai. Working with clockwork precision, they hardly make 1 error in 16 million transactions. It all starts at the Churchgate Station at 1100 hrs. Here, I got the chance to chat with them and hear some fascinating real life stories.

It has become a case study in many business schools and Harvard Business School especially sent researchers to understand the SOP of the entire enterprise. One of modern India’s marvel, dabbawallas of Mumbai is a subject of immense interest and curiosity. This is the tiffin delivery service in Mumbai that carries and delivers freshly made food from home in lunch boxes to office workers and brings back the empty tiffin boxes for the process to commence the next day. Working without any holidays (except Sunday when offices are closed), the...

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