Camel safari in Jaisalmer

Milind Verma Noida "I chose to take the route less travelled for a camel safari as I love adventures. I started from Bikaner and stayed overnight in one of the villages deep in the heart of the desert. And for the dreamer that I am, the sight of the stars transported me to a different world altogether.”

A trip to India is incomplete without taking time out to visit Jaipur. It is one of the most romantic and magnificent of all cities in India. The city is a barrage of colours, sound and taste and can cast a spell on the uninitiated. Paved with uniform pathways and broad pedestrian tracks, Jaipur is one of the easier cities to navigate by foot. While Jaipur can be experienced the traditional way, there is a novel way to look at the city’s little nooks and crannies, listen to interesting anecdotes sometimes embellished, but nonetheless very...

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